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Standard size of a barrel of a roll, mm



Centrifugally cast sheet-rolling rolls

LPKHNMd-58-63-71I(C), LSHKHNMd-58-63-71I(C)

from 550 to 1180

from 1500 to 2850

LPKHNMd-55-63I(C), LSHKHNMd-55-63I(C)

LSHN-45, 58 (C)

LPKH17NMd-63-71 VKH (C), LSHKH17NMd-63-71 VKH (C)

180KH12N2MF(C) – (HiCr Steel) - "chromium steel"

200KHVFM-71(C) – (HSS) - "quick cutting steel"

80KHVFM-71(C) - (SEMI-HSS) - "half-quick cutting steel"

Centrifugally cast rolled section steel pig-iron rolls

SSHKHNM(D)- 50-55-60-64-67-70-76I(C)

from 270 to 730

from 400 to 1700

Centrifugally cast rolled section iron steel rolls

Hypereutectoid alloyed steel type Adamit, 150KHNM(C), 170KHNM(C)

from 270 to 900

from 400 to 1700

Static rolled section steel pig-iron rolls

SSHKHN SSHKHNM-42-46-50-60-64-70

from 500 to 1250

from 900 to 1900

SPKHN, SPKHNM-41-45-46-50

Static rolled section iron steel rolls

Hypereutectoid alloyed steel type Adamit, 150KHNM

from 450 to 900

from 500 to 1700

Centrifugally cast pipe-rolling rolls, rollers, bandages and rollers of the roller conveyors

Rollers for the taking-away roller conveyors JCHSHKHN

from 270 to 730

from 80 to 2500