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Social sphere

СJSC MPRR is the focused enterprise which is voluntary assuming liabilities on socially responsible behavior concerning workers and residents of Magnitogorsk in general. The uniform social policy, pursued together with OJSC MIaSW group of companies, is one of strategic activities of the organization.

The complex system of work is directed on decrease in an incidence of workers, creation of comfortable and safe working conditions, life and rest, improvement, treatment of workers and members of their families, cultural and mass work, formation of a healthy lifestyle, improvement of living conditions of the personnel, support of veterans, large families, motherhood and the childhood, the help to the former employees of the enterprise - to unemployed retirees and disabled people.

Financing social programs, CJSC MPRR creates a reliable basis for development of the enterprise and the city of Magnitogorsk.


CJSC Magnitogorsk Plant of Rolling Rolls together with OJSC Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works pays much attention to cultural and mass work with the staff of the enterprise and members of their families. Discount invitation cards in Palace of culture of metallurgists of S. Ordzhonikidze, Pushkin Drama Theatre, the ice arena of I.H. Ramazan on concerts and performances with participation of the well-known actors and actors are realized, creative competitions and festivals are held, the festive actions devoted to holidays "Victory Day", "Day of the metallurgist", "New Year" will be organized.

Health care

Highly skilled medical services are rendered to the staff of OJSC Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works group of companies and СJSC MPRR:

  • survey, consultation of patients and performance of medical appointments;
  • rendering emergency medical service;
  • carrying out annual medical examinations;
  • carrying out preventive inoculations;
  • sanitary and educational work;
  • annual vaccination against flu and SARS and many other things.

In CJSC MPRR, in common with Alfastrakhovaniye insurance company and Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization "MSCh AG and OJSC MIaSW, is successfully realized the program of the corporate voluntary medical insurance (VMI) of workers:

  • treatment in clinics of Russia;
  • stomatologic services in treatment and prosthetics;
  • medical and diagnostic services in Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization "MSCh AG and OJSC MIaSW;
  • partial payment of treatment of workers according to insurance policies in sanatoriums of OJSC MIaSW.