22 December 2020 Closed Joint Stock Company Magnitogorsk Mill Rolls Plant (or CJSC MZPV) is the first company in Magnitogorsk and is among the first in the Chelyabinsk Region that was entered into the Register of Regional Investment Projects as the manufacturer of rolls for roughing stands of flat mills, plate mills and rail-and-beam mills under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and governmental authorities of the Chelyabinsk Region. This project is of high priority for the region and for the Russian Federation in general. More
26 January 2020 At the 25th international industrial exhibition Metal-Expo 2019, the MMRP CJSC team was awarded a silver medal for the development of the production of small-sized and large-sized rolls from hypereutectoid steels cast using powder dispersed modifiers More
13 November 2019 On October 28, 2019, stage 2 of the project for the production of rolls for roughing stands of sheet rolling mills with a diameter of more than 1000 mm was completed. and production of large-tonnage rolls for large-section and rail-beam mills. More
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16 July 2004 is the date of state registration of CJSC Magnitogorsk Mill Rolls Plant. CJSC MMRP is one of the biggest companies in Russia on production of sheet and high-quality rolls, which is made by method of centrifugal molding.
In 2005, staff of plant in common with specialists of Slovenian firm"Valji Group d.o.o.", being one of shareholders of CJSC MMRP, mastered the production technology of two-layer and three-layer centrifugal sheet rolling rolls. From august 2006, in common with specialists of SIC CNIITMASH, mastered the production of high-quality centrifugal rolls.
Delivery to OJSC MIaSW, OJSC Novolipetsk Steel, OJSC Severstal and other metallurgical enterprises of Russia, is result of work of the enterprise.

CJSC Magnitogorsk Mill Rolls Plant lets out cast iron centrifugalcast rolls for sheet-rolling and bar-rolling mills of hot rolling. Technical capabilities of the equipment allow to produce sheet-rolling rolls diameter from 550 mm to 1000 mm and roll barrel length to 2850 mm, high-quality rolls with a diameter from 250 mm to 1150 mm and roll barrel length to 2500 mm. Application of a method of centrifugal molding allows to receive the guaranteed working layer above to 120 mm depending on type and purpose of a roll, also with ensuring the minimum falling of hardness (no more than 3 HSD) on depth of a working layer.
Using an alloy cast iron allows to receive hardness in the range from 45 to 86 HSD depending on the customer's wishes.

Rolling rolls

Today, rolls of two executions are most demanded by customers:

  • "indefinite (ICDP)", these rolls have wear resistance from 3500 to 4000 tons/mm;
  • "high-chromium (HiCr)", rolls of this type have wear resistance from 5000 to 7000 tons/mm.